Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolution or Bucket List?

We are blazing our way into the New Year and I am still trying to get caught up with the Christmas cards I haven't answered yet. Being in a Sweet Adeline chorus means performing at various venues for the entertainment of others right through to Christmas. Then there was the painting deadline for the Coast Guard Art Program (January 3) along with preparing for a solo show in February, one in August, the Air Force Art due in also in August, our chorus competing in April and the American Society of Aviation Artists Forum in June. Managing to get out of balance and fight off a cold slowed me down a little, too. When we lived in Alaska, I taught art at Kodiak College, sold my work at holiday bazaars and worked part time at an art gallery, so the retail aspect had me "performing" so to speak, there as well. As I contemplate 2012 both on this blog and my companion blog, Skywriting, I attempt to formulate what I want to see myself accomplishing in the next 11 1/2 months. I'm reading a book called "In Search of Balance: Keys to a Stable Life" by Richard Swenson. While I was quite ready to jump in and find those keys, the first quarter of the book explains quite nicely how we came to be in a place where we even seek balance. Progress, my friends, right here in River City. Well, everywhere. Progress has led to more choices which leads to more things to do/have. I am now in the chapters that explain how we, and the Universe, seek order- and balance. We are, as Scripture tells us, "fearfully and wonderfully made." The body's make up is mind boggling. Yet we are created to seek homeostasis- balance. Wellness. Okay. So how does that relate to New Year's Resolutions vs. Bucket Lists? There are things that get on my Bucket Lists that may or may not come to pass. Whether I have the passion to pursue them will determine their outcome. Resolutions, on the other hand, can be simpler and more achievable. I have resolved to exercise more. Not every day. Just more. I have resolved to be a better singer. With the help of a voice coach, I am now singing better than I ever thought possible, and he has me looking at  short term and long term goals. Singing, like drawing, can be learned. While it can't be disputed that there are indeed people who catch on faster, or seem to have "talent" there is still the possibility- POSSIBILITY- that one can learn techniques that will enable them to enjoy and achieve satisfaction from a particular activity.  A lot depends on passion. Case in point: I did not have the passion to pursue a flying career, although I do have an understanding of spacial relationships. When you push the stick forward, stuff gets bigger. When you pull the stick back, stuff gets smaller. If you pull it back too far, your airplane will stall and stuff will get bigger in a hurry. I have no desire to put up with that. So I will create paintings of airplanes- and other things- instead. A friend recently shared a quote on Facebook by Robin Sharma that states: I'd rather have average talent with a fierce heart that inspires me to be unstoppable versus being brilliant- but too frightened to do anything with it. If something is on the Bucket List and it happens, how cool will that be? But for now, Resolutions pursued with a fierce heart that inspires me to be unstoppable are what make me incredibly happy.