Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Running of the Lambs

Well, I've never drawn a lamb before, as you can probably tell. But the walk to the farm north of here the other day greeted me with joy and hilarity when I saw the lambs running in a circle first in one direction and then another as fast as they could. Who, I wondered, decided when it was time to change direction? I don't know what kind they are. Some are dappled - there are dappled sheep in the pasture as well, obviously their parents who grazed unconcerned during the flurry of activity. Reminded me of parents at the playground sitting on park benches chatting and drinking lattes while their kids run hither and yon. Others are black as night, and it was difficult to make out features and shadows even with good light. It's not as dangerous as the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, but they were traveling at a great rate of knots. How delightful it is to see youth in a carefree mode. No texting, no computer games, no malls, just RUNNING for the joy of it. Think I'll go run around the block, although at this age it happens slowly. Just remember to keep joy in mind.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earth Day

There were a lot of posts on Facebook about Earth Day. It was also Good Friday, but I didn't see too much about it, although to me and a lot of others it is pretty important . Some of my friends observe Passover, too, so by phone and email we shared our thoughts on the significance of their week.

After finding out the other day that I flunked my cholesterol test, there are going to be some additional observances in our household as well, creating what we call "a new normal." We have had those before, and this is yet another phase of life. I have been a great admirer of artists who get out and sketch every day, and draw slices of life and activity on the spot. Part of the "new normal" is going to involve w-a-l-k-i-n-g. I have a sketchbook and pencil tucked in my pocket so that when I go out on my walks there will be more of those "slices of life" based on what I see. I still carry a camera- I mean, you can't draw everything, or remember everything, or get it all down. But there is nothing like that first impression that simply isn't there once you get back into the studio.

On Friday morning I walked up the road to the north to see if the lambs were out at the delightful Black Rabbit Farm. They weren't. But there's a great old barn on Sequim-Dungeness Rd that has always intrigued me. It is on the verge of collapse, and almost invisible from the road tucked into the trees on the far side of a green meadow. Later in the day I walked to the coffee shop to meet with a friend, after which I walked back up to see if the lambs had come out. They were in a group running in one big circle. How fun it is when young animals discover that they can run! The calves in the other pasture get themselves into a frenzy now and then and go prancing around. The lambs were out running, the big pig was lying in a gooey glob sunning himself and the pony had already seen me earlier, thus was not particularly interested in my presence.

So having left very little footprint on the environment, or so I think, and pondered the significance of Good Friday as well as Passover, I came home with my watercolor painting of the old barn. Sketches of pig, pony and lambs will follow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Comes to Sequim

Despite the continuing cool weather in Sunny Sequim, as we call it, daffodils and trees are beginning to bloom. There is a house at the corner of 5th Avenue and Old Olympic Highway that is ablaze with pink blossoming trees. It was a perfect opportunity to use the color called "Opera" in my paint kit!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Watercolor Journaling

After a superb class with watercolorist Faye Castle in Edmonds a few weeks ago, I have a new found interest in journaling. This has also sparked a quest to become part of the Urban Sketchers. It will mean that I have to stop, sketch, paint and post several times a week. I'm not capable of  doing this every single day, simply because of my music lessons, teaching and business schedule. But it is an opportunity to take some time to observe and loosen up as well as keep a near-daily log of what is going on around me. Some things are so fleeting that they haven't been captured as much as they should be. For instance, all the newborn calves in the pasture that we see on the way to town are growing. They are discovering running. It's a hoot to see them. We take both for granted- seeing newborn calves AND running. But as I drive by on the way to the post office, there doesn't seem to be time to pull over and draw. So let this be a beginning. I did sketch the pig at the farm just north of here. There are also new lambs, but they were being elusive that day. So here is the busy pig at Black Rabbit Farm. More to come soon!