Monday, March 5, 2012

New Thoughts

My first thought is to wonder how time gets away from me. That being said, the answer is probably that I spend more time conversing on Facebook since it's so interactive. A recent post by a friend in Anchorage brought what amounted to a firestorm of comments. She posted a photo of an empty toilet paper roll with a full roll sitting on top of it with the question that went something like, "Why am I the only one who knows how to do this?" There were a lot of comments, primarily indicating that this is a similar circumstance in most households. They ranged from "Just change it! It only takes 3 seconds!" to "I'll get to it eventually." So what's important here?  When we lived in Kodiak, Alaska, fishermen getting ready to head out for the season would sweep the shelves clean in the grocery stores to stock their boats for weeks. This meant staples- all of them-would be in short supply until the next barge arrived from Seattle. There are countries that don't have toilet paper at all. The importance of so simple a question leads me to wonder as well how much time we all spend pondering things that do- or don't- matter and to figure out a way to recognize what's truly worth the time it takes to get excited over- what? I'm glad my friend posed the question, glad for the fun exchange of comments, and even more glad for an opportunity to come up with an attempt at humor with a little sketch.