Monday, April 4, 2011

Watercolor Journaling

After a superb class with watercolorist Faye Castle in Edmonds a few weeks ago, I have a new found interest in journaling. This has also sparked a quest to become part of the Urban Sketchers. It will mean that I have to stop, sketch, paint and post several times a week. I'm not capable of  doing this every single day, simply because of my music lessons, teaching and business schedule. But it is an opportunity to take some time to observe and loosen up as well as keep a near-daily log of what is going on around me. Some things are so fleeting that they haven't been captured as much as they should be. For instance, all the newborn calves in the pasture that we see on the way to town are growing. They are discovering running. It's a hoot to see them. We take both for granted- seeing newborn calves AND running. But as I drive by on the way to the post office, there doesn't seem to be time to pull over and draw. So let this be a beginning. I did sketch the pig at the farm just north of here. There are also new lambs, but they were being elusive that day. So here is the busy pig at Black Rabbit Farm. More to come soon!

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