Thursday, September 29, 2011

Journals and Sketches

Okay. After a trip with the Air Force Art Program to Beale Air Force Base with some excellent artists, I have become inspired to do more sketching and journaling. One of the artists, Stephen Gardner, is working on a series of paintings from bars and taverns in New York. Seeing Stephen's work and hearing his encouragement has me on a quest to draw more on site and post more often. I became a member of Urban Sketchers and am in awe of the work they accomplish on the spot! This blog site (I have two- the other is called Skywriting) will be dedicated to my on the spot sketches as well as a new series I will be working on for a solo show at the Museum and Arts Center in Sequim next July featuring coffee shops in the area. We don't have too many bars here, and besides that's Stephen's idea, anyway. But being in the Pacific Northwest, we do love our coffee! So if you are a coffee shop aficionado, your favorite place might appear here interspersed with other sketchable subjects that catch my eye. Let's start with one that I did in July. I went with some of my fellow Sweet Adeline barbershop singers to a Harmony College workshop in Tacoma where we attended classes on singing, choreography, music strategy and short private voice lessons. We had a great time, and came home with our heads filled with all kinds of new tactics. One of my fellow singers took a nap in the car on the way home and since she was still enough long enough, I took the opportunity to sketch her. Loved her striped socks!

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